Want a bright white smile? Ask us about in office or take home whitening

In office whitening is a procedure done in our office with one of the assistants. Impressions will be made prior to the procedure. The whole procedure takes about 2 hours. You may bring a movie and/or headphones with you the day of the procedure. At the end of the visit you will be given trays to take home to whiten at home also. The in office procedure is taking two weeks worth of at home whitening and seeing the results in one day.

take home whitening is done at home with whitening supplies that we will give you in the office. You will come in to have impressions made and then a week later you will come back to pick up the trays and whitening supplies in order to do the whitening at home on your time. 

Questions/Concerns? Call today to ask or get scheduled for the bright white smile.